Tested on humans for animals!

HYPOGEN CARE's German Innovation Award-winning human medical care technologies® are the starting point of the veterinary care of DOCTR®s pet care.

DOCTR®s pet care is significantly biomimetic, i.e. it works in a nature-identical way and can completely dispense with conventional active ingredients, which are often very harmful to animals, humans and the environment. DOCTR®s pet care is particularly free of ionic surfactants, silicones, quats and preservatives, fragrances. The individual products often contain further information on problematic and/or harmful ingredients of conventional pet "care".

DOCTR®s pet care is also 100% organic - i.e. vegan in the most positive sense - and 100% biodegradable. Environmental protection and sustainability are also essential goals of the DOCTR®s pet care production: It aims to set trendsetting innovation impulses for solutions that are sustainable in all respects and at the same time highly efficient.

The special hypoallergenic properties, the special tolerability and the efficacy of DOCTR®s pet care products have been veterinarily tested and confirmed several times by independent private and public institutes, including in cooperation with the Duisburg Veterinary Clinic.

DOCTR®s pet care products are innovative German quality products - developed and produced in Germany. The claim of manufacturing according to the highest quality standards has many aspects, including the cooperation with reliable partners and the processing of only the highest quality raw materials.