The technologies used in HYPOGEN CARE® have been further developed for DOCTR®spet care into a high-performance veterinary care range by adapting the DOCTR®spet care technologies and their mechanisms of action to the special requirements of animals.

The basis for this is the fact that the skin and hair of humans and animals have a cell membrane complex that is, however, structured differently. Just as biomimetic technologies - i.e. technologies modeled on nature - are highly efficient in humans, this also applies to the organisms of animals.

DOCTR®spet care technologies are therefore a transfer of human medical care technology to veterinary care technology. Ultimately, the human being was the test subject in order to do something good for the animal.

In many mammals, especially in horses, dogs and cats - as in humans - the epidermis is a barrier organ of the organism. The skin protects against mechanical, chemical and also physical (e.g. UV radiation) influences. With regard to the skin of humans and the animal skin of horses, dogs and cats, there are actually many similarities, but also differences.

One of the most significant differences is that the epidermis of these animals renews itself every 18 to 22 days. In humans, it is about 28 days.

The patented DML© technology uses biomimetic lamellar technology to stabilize the derma membrane structure of the animal skin and the lamellar structure of the cell membrane complex of the animal hair.

The DML© technology (Derma Membrane Layer technology) supports the liquid-crystalline state of the cell membrane complex by directly supporting its consistency and constellation at a pH of 7.5. The DML© technology ultimately imitates this special type of cell membrane complex biomimetically, i.e. in a nature-identical way, and contains a special pH buffer that constantly regulates a pH value of 7.5. This also supports the regeneration of the animals' skin and hair in the same way.

The patented MSF© technology uses biopolymers to form a protective, restorative and regenerative micro-protective film.

MSF© supports the cell membrane complex of animal skin and boosts its barrier and protective function.

In addition, special active ingredients are integrated into DOCTR®spet care in MSF© for specific products, which fulfill additional causal functions. Examples of this include massive pH regulation in the event of contact with road salt (PAD PROTECTION) or parasite defense, such as against ticks, grass mites, hair lice, fleas or horse flies (REPELLENTS). The MSF© is therefore a constant, inconspicuous helper for the animal.