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Discover the world of DOCTR®s pet care and experience the unique effect of innovative veterinary care for each individual.

 DOCTR®s pet care is:

Recommended for every animal, especially for allergy sufferers.

PH-adaptive & pH-buffering and thus adapts independently to the needs of each individual.

Promicrobiomell, thus promoting and regenerating the microbiome of animal skin.

Completely non-irritating & hypoallergenic, compatible with mucous membranes & safe to eat - just as true veterinary care should be. This means that allergy-suspicious and undesirable substances are not used.

Tested for long-term use and shows positive long-term effects with regular use.

Committed to animal welfare, which is why all DOCTR®s pet care products are cruelty-free and vegan in accordance with the strict PETA requirements. They are listed accordingly by PETA internationally and in Germany.

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Committed to animal welfare!

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